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We help civic-minded and community-focused organizations develop the knowledge and tools to make change.

Partners in Creative Problem-Solving

At Public Engagement Partners, we work with local and national institutions, organizations, and foundations whose work affects the public, communities, and democracy. We help your team to improve public engagement, develop and carry out civic initiatives, and evaluate how your work impacts the community. We conduct research to better understand the complicated dynamics that bear influence on our communities and democracy.

Connecting organizations and ideas

Build Your Community

We design initiatives, projects, and programs that engage and serve the public.

Strategic Planning

Strengthen Your Impact

We guide public-serving organizations, institutions, and communities through change processes.


Understand Our World

We ask questions and find answers to better understand what factors impact civic engagement and democracy.


Share Your Voice

We are story-tellers and knowledge-sharers. We provide writing services to develop and fund your ideas, tell your story, or grapple with big questions about civic life.

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From local schools to national NGOs, we help organizations address civic issues and build an engaged community.
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Who We Are

We are trained researchers who know how to design processes to lift up community-generated paths for change.
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