What We Do

Public Engagement Partners specializes in community focused design and idea creation for organizations whose work affects the public.

How We Do It

Develop ideas focused on democracy, civic engagement, community building

Deliver keynote addresses and workshops

Simplify sophisticated information and identify a path forward

Design a civic process and set desired outcomes

Take an idea from seed to bloom

Create strategic plans to support growth and change

Fundraise through concept papers and grant writing

Generate ideas through scholarly writing, white papers, and reports

Conduct qualitative and quantitative research and evaluation

Who We Help

National think tanks, NGOs, charitable foundations

Higher education institutions

Local government, police, schools

Local nonprofit organizations

Community-focused businesses

Our Services

“We need a great idea.”

Public Engagement Partners approaches public-serving design with innovation, thought leadership, and creativity. We work with partners to harvest ideas, put some legs under the ideas, develop them out, and then actualize them. We work alongside institutions and organizations whose work affects the public to design community-focused, civic-minded, participatory, equitable programs or initiatives. We design with democratic outcomes in mind, including increased engagement, better collaboration, and greater trust between the public and their leaders as well as the public with each other.


  • Idea Creation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Implementation Advising

“We need to adapt.”

Today’s civic life is dynamic, changing rapidly as new technology and globalization bring fresh information daily. Organizations can evolve quickly to keep pace and get ahead of the curve. We partner with clients to understand their mission and vision, prioritize goals, assess community influences and develop effective change processes.


  • Trends and Data Evaluation
  • Meeting Design
  • Impact Strategy

“We need to understand our civic environment and potential impact.”

We conduct research to better understand the big picture of civic and democratic life in our world and evaluation to learn how your specific work is contributing to that big picture. We value shaping research and evaluation with those being studied, loyal to the adage “nothing about us without us”. We employ both qualitative and quantitative methods according to the questions we seek to answer.

As evaluators, we support institutions, organizations, and communities to reflect upon how their work is impacting community, civic-life, and democracy. As researchers, we examine how social trends affect civic life, and how we can strengthen the field of participatory, equitable, deliberative democracy.


  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research
  • Examining Metrics
  • Asset Mapping
  • Impact Assessment

“We need a solid plan.”

Public Engagement Partners supports civic-minded, public-focused institutions, organizations, and communities in reflection, growth, and forward advancement through visioning and strategic planning exercises. This includes goal setting, creating a mission and vision or logic model, creating desired program outcomes, and advising on an initiative or program’s direction. We specialize in designing a civic process – examples include creating a community dialogue, visioning session, creative ways to vote, community events to build goodwill and more. We can help you to get unstuck – rooting out existing problems in your work through research, identifying themes, and reflecting together on the best path forward.


  • Visioning and Planning sessions
  • Goal setting and Impact Planning
  • Strategic plan with timeline and tasks

“We need to be thought-leaders, persuasive and articulate.”

We’re skilled in writing white papers, academic publications, reports, blogs, news articles that contribute to the national and global discussion on strengthening civic life through participatory democracy. In addition, we write concept papers and grants to actualize civic-minded, public-facing ideas by procuring funding for your organization’s goals.

We don’t stop at the written word. Public Engagement Partners helps organizations find their voice through public speaking and events. We can develop presentations and workshops for you to learn more about public engagement, ranging from principles for the work to tried and true strategies to real life examples of success.


  • Grant Writing and Concept Papers

  • White Papers and Technical Reports

  • Academic Publications

  • Public Speaking

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Public Agenda

Rewiring Democracy: Subconscious Technologies, Conscious Engagement, and the Future of Politics

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Carsey Institute at UNH

The 2012 New Hampshire Civic Health Index.
Report on volunteering, voting and civic engagement.

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University of New Hampshire

Public Speaking:
UNH Education Department
Graduation Speech

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